How to market now, in today’s new and unpredictable environment

Well, here we are… Week 2 of the pandemic crisis (here in the U.S.).

The question I’ve heard a lot this week is how do we market right now, in this strange environment.

The answer… thoughtfully and carefully.

And yes, you should keep marketing and selling, but it demands a different approach.

I outline the three-step approach you should be taking right now in today’s episode.

Listen now…


P.S. You may be having to rethink your entire approach to marketing, now that networking events, conferences, and speaking engagements are gone. 

Our process–podcast + book + strategic referrals en masse–works better than ever. We’d love to do it all for you, and have a team standing by, but we also know that hiring our team (or any team) might not be accessible to you right now. We’re working on a program that will guide you in using our approach to get clients, so you can move fast, avoid mistakes, and rapidly get a podcast up and going, create a great version 1.0 of your book, and put it to use to get referrals and clients. It’ll be a fraction of what working with us 1-on-1 would cost.

We’re launching a small case-study group next week. Would you like to join us?

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