Dorie Clark | How to Make Money from an Audience

“Build it and they will come.” -said no successful business owner ever

I'm so excited to have Dorie Clark back on the podcast, you'll love this interview...listen now!


If you’ve turned on the Internet lately, you’ve heard the whole “build an audience” deal. While that’s great advice, there are usually two critical things missing…

  1. How do you build it?
  2. How do you turn the audience into paying clients?

After all, not everyone’s going to sell an online course and make millions in their underwear.

What I love about Dorie Clark’s new book—Entrepreneurial You—is that Dorie answers both of those questions. But it’s the way she answers them that’s useful…



It’s not just her story (although you’ll hear it and it’s a good one), and it’s not just her opinion.

She researched top performing businesses that have followed the audience model. Not all approaches are the same and not all approaches fit every business.

In Entrepreneurial You, Dorie gives you enough different perspectives and successful methods for building an audience and turning it into paying clients that you’ll find a path that fits your situation.

Get the book…

And get Dorie’s free Entrepreneurial You workbook that will help you get going (or improve) your audience building…

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00:11 This week we get to meet up again with Dorie Clark

01:35 Dorie talks about writing her first 3 books, “Re-Inviting You’, “ Stand Out” & “Entrepreneurial you”.

03:54 Dorie tells us that it was in part response in “seekers” as a reason for writing her books.

07:09 Dorie talks about a specific business technique in how you test your product/service our small scale before taking it to market.

10:38 Dorie talks about the basic steps in building a business, starting with trust building.

15:44 Dorie explains the difference between 1000’s of social media likes and just 100 quality likes.

17:29 Steve expands on Dorie’s point using a real-time example of when he tried to get is AC fixed.

21:02 Steve and Dorie muse on the year of ‘94, the year before they got internet.

24:34 Dorie talks about monetization and selling.

27:28 Steve talks about the early stigma being a “seller” had.

31:31 Dorie tells us how to get access to her free workbook.

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