David Abrams | Going Slow to Achieve Long-Term Success

When you’re in start-up mode with a new business, especially one your boot-strapping yourself or with a few partners, it’s tempting to go all out: long hours, no time off, just work. But, shares Demio Co-Founder David Abrams, that’s actually a recipe for disaster. By slowing down, you can focus on your business and find the clarity to solve problems… and fine-tune your long-term strategy for growth and profitability.

Slowing down and simplifying their product and process is how David and his partner created their game-changing webinar platform. Demio makes setting up and running webinars easy… where it was once hard. That’s a lesson for any product or service you offer and for any start-up.

Check out the episode now to discover…

  • The key difference between macro patience and micro hustle
  • An easy way to avoid burnout in a start-up business
  • Why taking time off can actually help you turn a profit sooner
  • The power of simple as a unique selling proposition
  • When it’s best to start all over rather than keep going

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00:12 Steve introduces David Abrams, the co-founder of web-based platform service Demio. 01:25 David tells us his background and how he ended with Demio and the major struggles he had on the way. 08:50 David talks about having to hit the reset button on his business and start over again from the beginning. 10:48 David tell us how he wanted Demio to be a model of simplicity. 14:59 David talks about using customer validation and why the platform doesn’t have every feature available and why webinars are not dead. 19:00 Steve makes the case for webinars. 22.22 David talks about resolving and removing the pain customers have with a product in order to improve it. 26:13 David tells us how best to get in contact with him.

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