Clayton Morris | Doubled his business in the last year, here's how

How would it change your business if you had a 4-week waiting list of people who wanted to do business with you? And, you had prospects that called and said, "I'm ready to go, I have the money, I don't want to wait...

Nice problem to create for yourself. And a problem Clayton Morris has created in his firm.

You may know the name Clayton Morris, he's the weekend anchor of the #1 news program in the U.S.--Fox and Friends, on the Fox News Channel.

When he's not on TV, Clayton runs Morris Invest, a real estate investment company. And, in the last year, he's doubled the business, through some very smart marketing.

In this episode of The Unstoppable CEO Podcast, I sit down with Clayton to unpack the secrets to his success ( has little to do with his "celebrity").

This is one of the best looks at simple and effective marketing that you'll find.

Listen and you'll discover...

  • How Clayton finally got his marketing he and his team have a 4+ week waiting list to schedule a sales call...
  • Clayton's method for identifying good fit clients (and how to weed out prospects that won't take action)...
  • How action informs your decision making...
  • The critical factor of trust in business, and how to build it with your marketing...
  • The importance of getting your prospects to "speak your language" before you ever try to sell them anything...

And even more. Listen now...



01:15 Clayton tells us how his entrepreneurial spirit began after witnessing his father lose his job at an early age.

04:15 Clayton’s ability not to take “no” for an answer was the starting point for the success he’s had in his career.

07:18 You've got to hear Clayton’s analogy of playing NES’s Legend of Zelda for having the courage to step into the unknown!

08:56 Clayton tells Steve that working with his clients is much like having them in therapy because he urges them to “let go”.

14:01 Clayton’s philosophy on marketing is to “give it away & don’t hold back”.

18:47 Clayton tells us what he’s most excited about in the future for his business.

24:08 Clayton explains why he doesn’t use his celebrity status to push forward his business, and it works!

26:05 Clayton is reading a lot about consciousness, including The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer.

28:39 Clayton tells us how to get in contact with him.

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