Bryan Falchuk | Finding Opportunities in Your Biggest “Problems”

What would you do if faced with an unfulfilling job, a tragedy at home, or a negative self-image that had been holding you back from true success your whole life? Bryan Falchuk tackled all three head on and in the process transformed his career and life - and worked off nearly 100 pounds at the same time. This coach, best-selling author, and founder of did it by going to the underlying causes behind his issues.

And the techniques he used provide valuable lessons for overcoming your struggles at work and at home and achieving the personal and professional goals that matter to you - especially if they seem out of reach.

In this breakthrough interview, you’ll discover...

  • How to uncover the opportunities hiding in plain sight
  • Why self-compassion is the key to dreaming big and lasting change
  • Tools for recognizing all the good in your life - no more dwelling on the negative
  • The importance of letting go of the past to focus on what you can achieve today
  • Ways to find the motivation you need to do the hard work necessary for success

Listen now...



00:11 Steve introduces Bryan Falchuk, a coach who has transformed not only other people's lives but so many aspects of his life from his health to his wealth.

01:56 Bryan talks about his transitions in life with the first triggered by his wife's illness.

08:21 Steve expands on Bryan’s point that life should be viewed as a journey and not stop at 18!

09:12 Bryan talks about being a “fixer” and how in a way we are all “fixers”.

11:41 Bryan explains how his weight loss was always about framing himself in a different light rather than the usual health or vanity reasons.

16:17 Bryan tells us that through his coaching he preaches people to practice self-love- that there is nothing wrong with you.

22:35 Bryan tells us about his book, “Do a Day”.

29:35 Steve expands on Bryan’s point on how we label ourselves in life and how it doesn’t really work.

32:12 Bryan tells us how to get in contact with him and provides an exclusive discount link

For his book.

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