Brennan Dunn | More Clients and Customers with Less Effort

As a freelancer or professional service provider you live and die by your clients. Problem is, you could be so immersed in the day-to-day work – and the rush to land new clients – that you aren’t really building a long-term, sustainable business. And you don’t have the chance to create a real plan for growth. The solution: make the effort to step back from some of the time-consuming tasks associated with marketing your services. Brennan Dunn, of Double Your Freelancing and RightMessage, has just what you need. His marketing automation and on-site personalization tools will help you reach – and land – more prospects… without more effort. You’ll focus on targeted audiences and demographics – that’s marketing smarter.

Check out this episode now to find out…

  • How to step back and see the “Big Picture” of your freelance business
  • Ways to get out of the daily grind – so you’re more business owner than cog in a machine
  • Why thinking about the future is just as important as completing client projects
  • The “Amazon Method” for laser-targeting prospects and sending marketing they respond to
  • How personalization can boost sales by 70% or more


00:11 Steve introduces Brennan Dunn, the founder of Double Your Freelancing and co-founder of Right Message.

01:13 Brennan tells us how he started off in business, from his dorm room because it beat flipping burgers.

04:56 Steve explains how using Right Message’s services are benefiting his own business.

06:38 Brennan explains how Data Collection helps him keep his focus when things get tough.

09:32 Brennan explains the difference between urgent and important.

12:05 Steve explains the exact point when he will step back from one of his businesses.

13:55 Brennan talk about the endless loop cycle of freelancing.

18:02 Brennan explains how the automation services he provides helps you find our more about your potential client for a more personalised experience. Thank Amazon!

21:59 Brennan explains more in depth about how he can help all freelancers no matter what service they provide.

25:20 Brennan talks about using his own code for individual companies before creating his user-friendly front-end website that caters for all.

31:30 Brennan talks about one particular client that wasn’t sure if he could help her.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Double Your Freelancing

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