The Less I Do The More I Make Pt 5 – Breakthrough Solutions To Setbacks

Setbacks on the journey to freeing up your time can actually lead to more clarity.

This week I continue with our series The Less I Do The More I Make. This one is a little uncomfortable. I’m going to talk about some recent roadblocks I hit with my plan to free up my time. I think the first thing to know is setbacks happen. There are times things don’t go as planned and you end up working more than you want to.

Setbacks can be discouraging—but don’t quit.

In this episode, I share what stumbling blocks I’ve faced in my plan, and how it led to more communication with my team, which led to more clarity…… and a surprising result.

I walk you through it on this episode in the series, The Less I Do The More I Make.

You can listen here or watch on YouTube.


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