Benjamin Hardy | How to Build a Million-Dollar Business in 3-Years


You can learn. You can study. But only when you take one specific step in your personal development will you see a significant ROI for your efforts. My guest this week, Benjamin Hardy, took that one step and catapulted his business to more than $1 million in revenue – a 10X jump – in just three years.

Benjamin, author the new book Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success, is a writer (the #1 author on, PhD student, and keen observer of human psychology.

He’s always been pretty ambitious. But it took a pivotal moment a few years back to channel that ambition in the right way.

He shares his approach in this episode, along with…

  • The Forcing Function Strategy for getting real results fast
  • Ways to benefit the most from your mentors (yes, you need more than one)
  • The best place to come up with your best ideas – it’s not the office
  • How to use “escalation of commitment” to achieve your goals
  • Avoiding the danger of ignoring your environment
  • And more...

Listen now to Steve Gordon and Benjamin Hardy


00:11 Today Steve speaks with the founder of Benjamin Hardy, the No.1 writer on and someone who went from making $12K a year in 2015 to over one-million dollars in 2017.

01:03 Ben tells us how he got to where he is and how fostering 3 kids pushed him to start writing.

04:15 Ben tells us why he felt a pressure to succeed.

6:42 Ben’s PHD is about the difference between wannabe entrepreneurs and real entrepreneurs. He explains to us his findings.

11:53 Ben explains how he went from $12k a year as a grad student in 2015 to over $1m in 2017.

17:13 Ben tells us that quantity is the path to quality and that’s it's better to be prolific than perfect.

23:05 Ben tells us exactly why he wrote his book and how you are a product of your environment.

26:07 Ben explains the 2 environments we find ourselves in, High Stress and High Recovery.

29:03 Ben talks about why you should take 150 “free days” a year.

32:57 Ben gives us a special link for his book.

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