The Less I Do The More I Make Pt 6 – 3 Tools For Time Management

Today we continue the series I’m doing called The Less I Do The More I Make.

This week is a bit of a twist. I’m talking about personal productivity multipliers. I started this process with the goal of a four-day workweek and I have been revamping my process to take me closer to that goal.

On today’s episode, I’ll tell you what I am doing to transform my schedule, make better use of my time, and get more done, including:  

  • The tool I use to weed out my “irritating” time stealers
  • My time management tool picks 
  • My 7 buckets for time organization
  • And more

Listen now…

P.S. There are five prior episodes and I recommend if you haven’t listened to them yet, you go back and check them out.

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Part 2 – Biz Dev Leverage
Part 3 – Systems
Part 4 – People
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