The Only 3 Things You Ever Need to Know About Getting Clients

Many moons ago at the age of 28 I was tapped to be the CEO of the small consulting firm I was working for at the time. Great opportunity, and BIG problem…

It was a great business, but all of our growth came from random acts of referral.

One month we’d get a bunch of referrals, the next, little to none. But, we had long-term recurring relationships so we didn’t feel the inconsistency in our business development.

But it scared the heck out of me…

I wanted to know that we had new clients lined up wanting to work with us.

This is very early days of the Internet so we still had these quaint little places called bookstores. So I browsed the local B&N and picked up the book that I thought would help us finally learn how to market the business…

It was like reading greek. But, it started my journey of trying to crack the code on how to position yourself to get clients who come to you, want what you have, and value it so much that they’ll pay a premium for it.

A little more than two decades after buying that book, I now know it’s all really simple. There are only 3 moving parts to attracting clients.

In this episode, we’re breaking them down. 

Inside we cover…

  • The three phases of attention in selling
  • Why marketing assets eat marketing tactics for breakfast
  • How to reverse engineer a simple, reliable system for getting clients (without chasing the “gimmick of the month club” as one of our clients likes to say)

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