Jonathan Cronstedt | Taking Advantage of the Knowledge Commerce Boom

The online education space may seem saturated…the opportunity long past. Not so, says my guest Jonathan Cronstedt, President of Kajabi.

He maintains that thanks to two recent trends, there is a ready-to-buy audience in just about every niche.

A growing market, plus today’s technology, means it’s never been easier for anybody, from any background, to profit from what they know.

“JCron” also explains how to form a productive relationship between a company and a consultant.

Sometimes there can be friction when an outsider comes in. But he has strategies for collaboration that produces amazing outcomes.

You’ll also learn…

  • Ways to leverage “hyper-individualism” to break into new markets
  • The key differences between start-up and scale-up
  • Why simple information isn’t enough when “selling” knowledge
  • Tips for avoiding the paralysis of micro-management
  • The answer to every entrepreneur’s hardest question
  • And more

Listen to Steve Gordon and Jcron now…

Time Line

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Jonathan Cronstedt, better know as “jcron”. A dangerously dedicated executive strategist and president of Kajabi.

01:31 Jonathan explains how he ended up in Digital Marketing when he first started out in mortgage financing before the crash.

04:40 Jonathan talks about how, why and when to seek help when moving from startup to scale in your business.

08:14 Jonathan explains the different types of situations he faces when he is brought in to help a business

12:25 When Jonathan is brought in to a company, he is not looking for center stage.

16:10 Jcron talks about the future, how the information age failed us and how the knowledge will save us.

19:25 Jcron address the issue of information saturation in the market.

23:03 Jcron explains how you shouldn’t believe it when somewhen tells you a certain trendline is finished

27:05 Jcron talks about the innovative things he’s seeing in video learning.

30:34 Jcron talks about the different types of people who have information that could be released online.

34:42 Jcron tells us how best to get in contact with him.

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