Most overlooked benefit of Unstoppable Referrals method, finally exposed

I was on the phone with one of our Unstoppable Referrals Launchpad alumni yesterday and she pointed out something that I’ve know for a while, but never shared…

She said…

“You know, since we had our first big success with a referral partner [they sent her several dozen referrals] three of those referrals have actually asked us if they could share our Referral Kit™ with their contacts. We never expected referrals to turn into referral partners…pretty cool.”


But nothing new.

We’ve seen this with many of our clients.

And we experience it in almost every “promoter” event we do ourselves. (If you’ve not been paying attention, we do everything we teach around here.)

It’s no surprise really, because the Unstoppable Referrals process flips referrals from a “taking” activity to a “giving” activity.

And giving, always creates more giving.

Get it rolling and you’ve got a simple, easy, never-ending source of new leads and clients.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Takashi Hososhima

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