One idea is enough

Years ago I heard Dr. Tom Hill give a speech and he said lots of things, but one is important.
He said, “One idea, well executed, can make you rich.”

Stop for a moment and think to yourself…

How many ideas have you taken, poorly executed on a first try, then discarded, in search of the Holy Grail, silver bullet, magic pill idea…

Have you found it yet?

Me either.

But I have found “one idea” that works to grow stable, thriving businesses…again and again and again.

Here it is…

Round up 1000 IDEAL prospects and keep in touch.

And I found one idea for doing that—referrals. And it works…in fact, it works so well, I wrote a book about it.

But having the idea is one thing.

Executing it well is something different.

I have one open slot for a single qualified business who’d like 1-on-1 guidance and personal help executing that one idea.

A growing list of businesses have requested an application to fill that spot in the last 24-hours. Request your application by emailing Lauren ( before noon Eastern time tomorrow.

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