Obscure clue signals escape from price competition

When you’ve crossed the threshold from another silent blank face in the commodity crowd, into the “category of one” you’ll know it by the clue…

Unfortunately, the thing most so-called experts tell you to do to get there misses the point.

They tell you you’ve got to be unique…to differentiate.

And both of those are true, but insufficient.

The context of that advice places too much importance on the uniqueness of WHAT you do.

But WHAT you do can be had anywhere, and for less money than you’re willing to sell it for.

What can’t be had anywhere else (and the one single thing that is unique about you…and all of the “you’s” in your company) is WHO YOU ARE.

The “clue” you’ll see when you move into the world of premium pricing is subtle, but always there…

The buyers who ignore price buy because they want YOU, BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE (either individually or as a company).

What are you doing right now, to demonstrate WHO YOU ARE?


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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Ben Stanfield

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