New marketing advice from Google, have you seen it?

Did you see the new marketing advice from Google that was revealed last week?


Here it is, and I quote…

“Don’t put all your eggs in somebody else’s basket.”

What? You didn’t get the announcement?

It was quietly uttered from the Googleplex, when news of Google’s elimination of right-side ads spread.

Didn’t you see panic? Online advertisers running…screaming…through the streets?

Oh, the humanity!

Business will be hurt…some fatally so.

What the removal of those pesky right-side ads means, is that the inventory of ad space just went from 8 or 12 or 16 per page to 4, maybe 8.

Supply just got cut by 50% or more.

Think back to high-school economics. What’s about to happen to the price of a click on one of the remaining ads?


And businesses that have foolishly relied on getting clicks for ‘X’ and built their own economics around that assumption are about to feel some pain.

So, I’m often asked, “Why am I so dogmatic about using referrals as the foundation for business growth?”

‘Cause Google can’t double the price of your referrals overnight.

‘Cause it’s an inherently diversified source of new clients…if you’ve got 50 clients referring and one or two or five stop, you probably won’t notice, and they’re easily replaced for the same cost per new lead.

‘Cause it makes you and your business resilient…

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photo courtesy of: Nate Steiner

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