May the odds be ever in your favor

You’ve surely heard the sales mantra: “It’s a numbers game.”
This advice almost always comes with a helping of…

“You’ve just got to get out there and see people.”

“Beat the bushes.”

“Pound the pavement.”

And, in the very early days of a business you do. But man, that’s hard work…manual labor.

And unnecessary.

IF you start playing the other numbers game…

The platform numbers game.

The platform game does require hard work…but it’s smart work…leveraged work.

Your platform builds relationship with one or one-thousand…same effort.

And it’s the only way I know to create a consistent flow of pre-sold, qualified, future clients to you without…

Pounding the pavement or beating the bushes (what’d the bushes do to you anyway and why you gonna beat them?)

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photo courtesy of: hegemonx

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