Marketing secret debunked

I get emails from business owners at least once a week, looking for “the secret”…some magic bullet, shiny tactic or new trick.

The presumption is that there’s something they don’t have that will *suddenly* make all the difference.

Deliver all the clients.

Deposit the money, they want or need.

Sadly, there is no such secret…

Sure there are techniques that work better than others. When they happen, it’s usually because you’ve given up being selfish, and aligned what you’re doing, with what your IDEAL Client™ wants.

But that’s not the secret.

The secret is small things…repeated…over time.

It’s the referral conversation you have, not once, but once a week.

The email you send, giving new insight to your prospects…regularly.

The drip, drip, drip of your Never-Ending Platform™…

It’s all of those, but they don’t work without this one simple, *secret* ingredient…


Photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Jeff Drongowski

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