I’ve made a mistake…

For years now, I’ve been talking about the critical importance of identifying your IDEAL client.

But I now see this was an egregious error…

Many have taken the word IDEAL too seriously and missed the point. They stress and obsess over who could possibly be THE IDEAL CLIENT?

My error…not clearly pointing out that you get to pick more than one (over time).

That, if you decide you made a bad choice, you can change.

That, getting close counts here (just as in horseshoes and hand grenades).

The POINT is focus.

One of our current Launchpad students did this brilliantly.

He’s in real estate, and I’m fairly sure he’s sell you a house, even if you don’t fit his IDEAL client profile.

But his *first* IDEAL client is people going through divorce (one or both spouses usually have to move…it’s how it works).

That simple decision (and that’s all it really is…a decision to focus on one part of your market) dramatically simplifies all of his marketing.

Like the experience of deciding you want a new white Mercedes C-Class and “suddenly” seeing them everywhere, the IDEAL client decision tunes your brain into opportunities to attract those clients that were always there, but you never noticed before.

Will he only ever target people experiencing divorce…I doubt it. More types of IDEAL clients will be added.

And he’ll simply take the process we teach, rinse and repeat, and BAM, he’s now got targeted, tuned-in marketing for another IDEAL client. Then another, and another.

And one by one, he’ll quietly dominate one slice of his market at a time, while every competitor wonders what he’s doing.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: M93

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