It’s not you, it’s THEM

People wonder…”Why don’t I get more referrals?”

“THEY tell me what a wonderful job I do for them.”

“But THEY’VE never even hinted at sharing me…”

“What am I doing wrong?”

YOU, probably aren’t doing anything wrong.

It’s not you…it’s THEM.

THEY’VE been burned before, so they hesitate to give any referrals to anyone.

It’s not you…it’s THEM.

THEY’RE uncomfortable making introductions because it feels like sales, and THEY don’t like to sell.

It’s not you…it’s THEM.

THEY love your relationship just the way it is…they fear that if you get busier you’ll be less attentive to their needs…

It’s NOT YOU. It is THEM.

You have two choices:

1. Accept this reality and resign yourself to “low-referral-flow.”


2. Teach them how to give a gift…the gift of YOU…through your Referral Kit™.

So easy, it won’t even feel like a referral.




photo courtesy of: J E Theriot

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