Want to understand the real impact interviews can have on your business? Listen to this interview with one of our clients, who pulls no punches...

Interviews are a great tool for connecting with people who can refer you, and with prospects, but they are just one of four parts to a complete marketing system.

Part 1: Exponential Networking and Authority Positioning using Podcast Interviews

Part 2: Conversion Webinar: A focused presentation, crafted by professional copywriters for you, designed to educate prospects, pre-sell them, and motivate them to request a call with you.

Part 3: Direct Outreach to your Ideal Prospects using LinkedIn, and leading with your Authority Content--your podcast interviews--to build rapport and relationship with prospects before offering an opportunity to learn more about what you do.

Part 4: Always Top-of-Mind Follow-up: You'll stay in front of your prospects every other week using your podcast interviews to nurture your prospects, and your Conversion Webinar to turn prospects into appointments.

If that sounds like a lot of work, it is...that's why we do it all for you. You'll invest just an hour or two a month.

I'm excited to speak with you, to find out if we can help you achieve your goals!

-Steve Gordon