How to use a referral kit for an ‘odd’ business

I get this kind of question a lot.
Today, this email came from Chris who writes:

“I’ve read your book Unstoppable Referrals: holy sh##. It’s amazing! [Thanks Chris…from the bottom of my ego…flattery will get you everywhere!]

I’m still digesting and thinking about what I’ve read and trying to figure out how to apply it to wedding photography. It can be a highly referable business based on the principles you describe, but it also tends to be something that people use once, for obvious reasons.

I think a lot of what you talk about makes sense and is obviously applicable here as well. I was wondering, though: how do you get a referral kit in front of people who aren’t engaged, but may be some day? (in a month, or a year, or three years from now.)”

Getting referred by clients–The IDEAL Client Focus

Now, I know YOU are probably not a wedding photographer, but you may feel that you have a similar problem (I know ‘cause I hear this question often).

As a wedding photographer, your IDEAL client (I’m guessing) is a bride in her 20s-30s with either the personal income to pay you or a Daddy with a checkbook (my daughters are hoping the latter).

Sure people get married older (and younger) but I’d guess that’s the sweet spot.

Every IDEAL client in that category knows at least a half-dozen and probably more potential referrals (I think they’re called bridesmaids).

Each bridesmaid needs to get your Referral Kit.

Right away we should be able to multiply every client by 3 or 4.

We could stop there, but that’s the obvious.

Many of those brides went to college. Some may have been in a sorority or other gathering of young women. Most are probably still connected on Facebook.

You could repeat with young women’s groups at churches, civic associations, professional women’s forums, etc., etc.

Get the idea?

And we haven’t even crossed the aisle to the groom yet. (Yes I know he’s not the buyer, but he’s probably got a half-dozen future grooms, all with future brides…it’s a stone worth turning.)

Expanding to referral partners

In honor of the late Billy Mays…


I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve probably got relationships with other wedding professionals. All are out trying to find those same future brides.

Turn them into Promoters (see Chapters 8, 9 and 10).

What? You want to keep going…ok, twist my arm…

I’ll bet every bride has a mother. And every mother of the bride has friends…some with daughters at the same stage in life.

More referral opportunities.

And, I’m sure we could go on…

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