How to “stack the deck” when you need clients fast

When I was 12, I started playing golf and was “gifted” a copy of Jack Nicklaus’ book, “Lesson Tee.” In it, he described his strategy for playing a course…what he called “playing the odds.”
If you need clients in a hurry, it’s good advice to “play the odds.”

When maybe 1 out of 100 cold calls will be successful, the odds aren’t on your side.

When doing a LinkedIn blitz (like the lame one I got at 2:43am this morning), that will more certainly kill your good reputation than deliver a paying client at a high fee…the odds aren’t on your side.

When standing in front of your networking group and asking if they know “somebody” or “anybody” who needs what you offer…the odds aren’t in your favor.

So get ‘em on your side.

Stack the deck in YOUR favor.

Here’s what you must do…

#1. Be VERY clear about who you want as a client and what condition they must be in, pain they must experience, to be ready, willing and able to buy NOW.

#2. Don’t go for the sale first. Sell them an “opportunity to be sold to.” You’ll soon discover who’s really in pain. And, as Nicklaus did, when it’s time to sell, you’ll be playing the odds.

#3. Create a reason for them to buy now, not later (and for those thinking…”I know, I’ll give a discount if they buy now.” PLEEAASSEE don’t…I’ll show you a better way). Most businesses take the, ‘We’re here when you need us approach.’

That’s cool. It’s friendly.

But it lets your prospects off the hook. It allows procrastination.

And it serves no one.

Not you (you delay getting the client you need)…not the prospect (they delay getting the cure they need)…everybody loses.

Today, I’m putting the finishing touches on February’s Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL. In this issue, I’ve laid out a step-by-step, play-by-play plan to get clients in a hurry…

– Without sacrificing your dignity.
– Without crushing your expert/authority positioning (yes, you’ll actually enhance it).
– Without playing stupid games that force you to annoy lots of prospects, in the hope of stumbling upon a new client or two.

Now, time is short. Tomorrow at midnight our system will automatically send the list of active subscribers to our printer.

We don’t print extra copies and we don’t sell back issues…so, if you want the plan to get clients fast, get on that list today:



photo courtesy of: Steven Depolo

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