How to “open doors” with new clients

Yesterday, I promised to continue our conversation on a simple, powerful approach to attracting clients.

Today, let’s talk about the first part of that 2-step system…

What I like to call “opening doors.”

There are a lot of ways to open the door with a new IDEAL client.

No matter how you do it, I recommend you “bake-in” three principles:

#1. Open with authority. Start the relationship with expert/authority positioning. Harder to grow into it later.

#2. Give something of value first. (This whole “give value” thing has become a bit ridiculous online lately. What does it really mean? I’ll make it practical in a moment.)

#3. Have no expectation of return. Some might say it this way: “Don’t tie yourself to any particular outcome.” (This is the most difficult of the three. You’re opening the relationship because you want clients. That’s a result. The trick is to open enough doors that for each individual one…you can let go of the outcome. If this one becomes a client or not, doesn’t matter to you…there’s another train comin’.)

SO…how exactly do you do all of this?

You can accomplish all three principles with one tool. No fancy technology needed.

The tool? Your Referral Kit™.

The step-by-step blueprint for creating it is in my book—Unstoppable Referrals. You can get it free for a limited time: click here.

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