How to make the sale before the sale

Yesterday, we talked about reverse engineering the sale.

Working backwards from “closed deal” all the way through every step a prospect has to take before they can buy.

Most often, the first major step in the process is getting their attention and forcing the would-be client to identify themselves.

And, here’s where the wheels start to fall off the car…

Two reasons:

1. VERY FEW businesses really have a “hand raise” step in their sales process. Most don’t understand it…they see it as over complication, so they just go straight for the sale.

If you know a business owner who prides himself on having to be seen “everywhere,” I’ll bet lunch he has no way to get prospects to stand up and shout “Hey, I’m over here!”

2. Those that get the concept of getting the interested to…I don’t know…EXPRESS INTEREST, often miss the mark on the execution of this first step.

They overcomplicate what the future client really wants…and, what will compel them to raise the hand.

Here’s a clue…the thing they really want usually ain’t what you’re selling.

What you’re selling is (except in rare circumstance) only the means to the END they want.

To get them to raise the hand so you can see them, sell them the path to the end they want…AND SHINE BIG BRIGHT LIGHTS ON THE END!!!

(And don’t worry if that “end” has little to do with your business…so long as they have to come through you to get there.)

Why is all of this so important?

For one reason really…

Right now, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of future clients within your reach, looking for a path to the end goal in their minds.

And YOU, friend, are the path…

Yet, unless and until you can compel them to take a small first step down the path, they remain frustrated and unsatisfied.

In some cases in real pain and at real risk.

This is important work that HELPS PEOPLE BUY. So get about it…

On next week’s webinar, I’ll share all new content on how to find the hundreds (maybe thousands) of “future clients” that are, right now, looking for someone like you…

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Insomnia Cured Here

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