How to get your clients to multiply themselves

Not long ago, I sat down with colleague Daryl Urbanski to talk about math…client math.
Daryl interviewed me for his new and already successful podcast—“The Best Business Podcast.”

You can check out the interview here (It’s Episode #8).

During the interview I share:

– The #1 secret to growing a thriving business.

– The first problem to solve in any firm.

– The unusual, yet powerful way to think about your client-getting activities.

– How to make referrals easier for everyone involved—you, your client and the person they refer.

– The biggest thing that held me back early in my career and how I overcame it.

– My favorite business quote—it’s hanging on my wall and I read it every day as a reminder of what to focus on.

Get it here (again, it’s Episode #8).

And be sure to listen to the other interviews Daryl’s done…he’s put together a fantastic resource.

OH…and if you want a perfect example of how to recruit promoters and get them to refer you, notice what Daryl’s done here. (He’s implemented what I talk about in Chapters 8, 9 and 10 of Unstoppable Referrals, perfectly.)



photo courtesy of: Denis Mihailov

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