How to get referrals from “Promoters” – a behind the scenes look

Today, I want you to come backstage with me…
As you know I’ve been a part of the Landing Corporate Clients Virtual Summit (there are still sessions going on today and tomorrow).

If you missed my presentation yesterday, you can get the recording until the end of the day tomorrow.

This entire event is nothing more than an advanced form of “The Johnny Carson Method” of developing promoters that I describe in Unstoppable Referrals.

My friend Angelique Rewers—the organizer—invited me to participate in the Summit. We did a 60-minute interview on the phone.

She lathered, rinsed, repeated with 17 other experts (her Promoters).

We were all VERY happy to do it…made room on our calendars…were easy to reach…


Because she aligned her goals with our goals.

She wanted to get in front of more prospects…so did every expert on the docket.

So ol’ Angelique “concocted” the summit. Knowing that it would only work for her, if it worked for each of the Promoters she wanted to have send her referrals.

Now compare that to the old “Hey, you know anybody that needs some marketing?”

Better approach.

Each expert—18 in all—promoted the Summit (‘cause we’re all in it) to everyone we know. All totaled, the number of people reached is easily north of 50,000…maybe north of 100,000.

It’s a giant referral fest with Angelique in the center. But EVERYONE INVOLVED WINS…

I’ve received referrals by the bucket-load, through the summit, from NYT bestselling author Michael Port, email marketing guru Ian Brodie, consulting superstar Michael Zipursky, Angelique, and all the others.

Oh…and the people being referred win big, too. They get some of the highest level thinking and education for free.

Now, you *might* be thinking, “Great for you Steve, but I’m an accountant. This won’t work for me…”

Wrong my friend. This is just a souped-up version of the attorney, accountant, financial advisor and banker putting on a joint seminar and inviting all their clients and prospects.

Same idea. It’s worked for decades.

Best part…you can be the “hub” with just a couple of phone calls.

Get after it!



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