How to escape the tyranny of low price

I’m astounded by the number of business owners that believe they are imprisoned by price.
They can’t get higher prices or fees because “the competition is fierce,” they’re surrounded by “dirty, rotten low-ballers,” they tell me…

“You just don’t understand. We’re a commodity.”

They are imprisoned…and *they* are the jailer and the inmate!

Last I checked, the price police don’t come around with a red Sharpie and slash through your prices every Wednesday.

You set them.

And where you set them says a lot about how you value what you sell.

It says a lot about the position you want to own in the market.

Unfortunately, the position you hope for in your mind is often very different from the position your price broadcasts.

In every market…EVERY MARKET…there’s a premium provider selling at multiples of “market rate” and there are bottom-feeders, racing to the bottom in their own form of mutually assured destruction.

Usually, the only difference between the premium provider and the commodity peddlers is this: the premium provider “chose” to sell at high prices. The commodity peddler just accepted low price as reality.

You get to choose…are you fish or fowl?




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Joseph Kranak

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