How one word changed my sales overnight

I was talking with two clients this week and introduced a new word to them…
It’s a word that changed my sales (for the better) and ended all stress around selling.

When you use it well, a peace will fall over you.

When you use it consistently, your sales will grow.

When you use it at all, you’ll get more of the right things done.

The word…


I used to try to convince people to buy. I gave that up years ago.

Now, if it’s not a fit for ANY reason, I just say…NEXT!

I don’t sit and wonder when they’ll call back or why they haven’t.

I don’t need to.

It’s time for the NEXT opportunity.

The trick to using this magic sales word is simple…have a “NEXT” opportunity (lots of them) lined up waiting.

Here’s how I’ve done it:

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