How I got banned from speaking at this conference

Yesterday, I shared three building blocks for trust in your marketing.

Today, we’re going to focus on a big idea.

One I discovered twenty years ago (when I was 5 😉 )

In my first business, we were a central player in a new technology. And, in our humble, but very accurate opinion, the “mainstream” folks using the technology were doing it all wrong.

We had legitimate concerns…

And we, as a company, were VOCAL advocates for our position and against the knuckleheads running amuck.

We stood out like a sore thumb in the market.

Competitors ridiculed us.

I got banned from speaking at an industry conference.

People would whisper when we walked by…

Oh, and we deposited $10-million in contracts in the bank, with the best clients in the market.

(I never did like that conference anyway…)

It pays to be contrarian (and right).

It pays to have an opinion…a point of view…and to BROADCAST it.

The right people will see you, be pulled to you and trust you.

In just a week, the May issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL will be mailed to subscribers. In it, I lay out a detailed plan for engineering trust in your marketing…to make selling easier.

Here’s what two long-time subscribers sent me just last week…

“I’ve been following Steve’s stuff for quite some time, and eventually took the plunge and signed up to his Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL newsletter. I don’t know how he manages to come up with such great stuff month after month, but it’s been worth every penny. This one’s a keeper.”

Quentin Pain –
Director Legendary Business Owners Ltd
Founder Advanced Business School
Enterprise Nation Top 10 UK Business Advisor 2015
“A friend of mine first suggested I get a copy of Steve’s monthly bulletin The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL and I was really blown away with the quality of the content – really helpful, basic and useful hints and tips.

That prompted me to buy his book Unstoppable Referrals™ which has become a game changer in my business. Having absorbed the book, I then went on to do Steve’s Unstoppable Referrals Launchpad™ online workshop which simply brought all the information from the book to a new level.

Steve’s approach is now the cornerstone of my strategy, and I can tell you that it works so well. Attracting the right clients to your business is a key objective to any entrepreneur and Steve’s referral approach will do that every day.

To every business owner I would say – stop thinking if you should dive into Steve’s Unstoppable Referrals world, just do it! It will be a game changer for you too!”

John Murphy
John Murphy International, France

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photo courtesy of: Steve Slater

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