How an unsuspecting entrepreneur lost my business yesterday

When you do what I do for a living, it’s really hard to watch other business owners lose money right in front of your face…especially when they never know it happened.

And, it happens often.

Yesterday we had the air conditioning fixed in our new home. The gentleman who came was the owner. Very small company.

He finished the job, got the unit running again after clearing a clog in the drain (something we have to do regularly here in Florida)…

He says, “You should have us back in the spring and we’ll clear the line before the hot summer months, so this doesn’t happen again.”

I’m thinking this guy is awesome…It’s HOT here in the summer (heck, it’s hot in December) and I don’t want the thing to go out and have to sweat.

He’s helping me avoid a problem!

So I ask, “Great, do you have a maintenance plan so we can have you out here a few times a year?”

I’m ready to write a check…

“No. No maintenance program to sell.”

OK, next question…”Do you have a reminder system or do I just have to call you?”

“You just call us when you need us.”

FLUSH…money ready to be spent, now down the toilet.


Because at least half (probably more) of his competitors offer a flat fee regular (read PROACTIVE) maintenance program.

And, they have a system for selling it.

Sadly, this guy, who is super nice, is going to wait for my call.

Stop for a second and think about YOUR BUSINESS.

Are you “waiting for prospects/clients” to call when they need you, or are you delivering added value by being systematic, proactive and prescriptive?

Now…let’s assume this guy plans to be in business for the next 20-years. IF, he sells me the maintenance plan, he gets to see me twice a year.

He becomes my trusted HVAC advisor and makes a couple of bucks along the way.

When the time comes for either major repair or replacement (think $10,000 sale) he’s already positioned himself as the one and only person I’ll call. (Now multiply that by 100 customers per year.)

But all of that’s gone…

See, he doesn’t realize it, but his customers want cool air. But they can get THAT anywhere.

What’s really valuable is cool air AND the convenience, simplicity and peace of mind of having an expert looking out for you.

What is our friend missing?

A plan and a system for long-term, strategic growth.

Growth that’s “built-in” to how the business operates, so you don’t have to work so hard to get it.

Tomorrow in a very special webinar, I’ll share the Five Essential Systems for Effortless Growth.

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Join me.




photo courtesy of: starmanseries

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