Getting clients in 2016 (Part 2 of 3)

Yesterday, I shared my simple, three question strategic planning approach. Today, let’s look at how to get more done…and get more clients.

PART 2 – How to “Re-Engineer” Your Time for Maximum Results

A recurring theme with my private clients is what we’ll call “the too busy to grow” trap.

If you’ve ever found yourself at the end of day or week, that you started with great plans to do something to attract clients, with no progress to speak of because “stuff came up,” then this will help…

See the real problem isn’t that there’s too much to do…

No, the problem is that the priorities are backward, and there’s no built-in structure to prevent them from getting that way.

The simple answer…

Theme your days.

Let’s assume you’re not working weekends, so you’ve got 5 days in a week to get it all done.

Most people show up and go after whatever seems pressing at the moment. And, they guarantee that the fires will NEVER go out. Ever.

So, the hot thing of the moment STEALS the time that you’d use for getting clients.

This is a BIG PROBLEM for businesses that have been around for a while, hit a level of success, but have run into a ceiling.

The ceiling is there BECAUSE the priorities are screwed up.

Now, most make the mistake of beating themselves up when they’ve done this because they think it’s their own lack of willpower that’s the cause.

Not so.

It’s a system failure (or the absence of a system).

So, here’s the simple system to fix it…

Theme your days.

Don’t show up, like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” to do the same collection of stuff-that-comes-up every day. You’ll never make progress.

Instead, set aside specific days for specific things…

Monday – business development, marketing, meeting prospects, doing proposals, networking.

Tuesday – client work

Wednesday – client meetings

Thursday – client work

Friday – planning, admin, prep and cleanup

(Use these examples to create your own themes.)

Put the day’s theme ON YOUR CALENDAR for the entire year. Then, when an activity comes up, you simply book it into the appropriate day…next available.

“BUT WAIT…Don’t I have to jump when a prospect or client says ‘JUMP!’?”


In 20 years, I can recount just 4 true emergencies that we needed to respond to immediately for clients. Most of the time, there’s float (if your clients get trained to think ahead a little).

You can train them…I promise. And, they’ll actually respect you and be attracted to you (in the business sense) for it.

You’ll become the leader because you’re acting like the leader of your own time…not a follower of every client whim.

This is the one simple and free change that’s guaranteed to result in more clients next year.

Tomorrow…the last in the series…I’ll show you how to get more freedom of time in 2016. Stay tuned!

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