Getting over the client “hump”

If you’ve been paying attention recently, we’ve launched a new series of webinars.

I’ve done webinars before…I’ve done day-long seminars…I’m quite comfortable presenting. But still, this is new.

New material.

New tech.

New processes…

It’s uncomfortable.

And “new” (almost) never goes exactly according to plan.

We’ve had some minor hiccups in this NEW system for creating clients…

Now, there are two reactions I see in entrepreneurs when the bumps hit…

The first, who covet the “comfort of the know”…they decide that the bumps and challenges are dis-proof of concept.

They give up.

They FEAR the embarrassment of appearing anything but bulletproof (perfect) in public.

Their failure is assured.

The second, don’t like the bumps, don’t like appearing mortal, but understand that THEY ARE.

It is reality.

They persist (sometimes for a long time) and get over the “hump.”

The names you know…the business people you admire…they pushed past and got there.

Persistence is the only universal characteristic among them.

And the only one absent in the rest.

Fortunately (for me and you), persistence requires no talent, skill or knowledge.




photo courtesy of: William Warby

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