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I LOVE client day!

Just finished wall to wall calls, yesterday, with all of our Unstoppable CEO™ ELITE Coaching Clients and I always end with more energy than I start with.

Here’s why…


It’s everywhere.

One client in the morning just launched his platform…a monthly print newsletter and it’s already opening and renewing relationships for him (in month one!).

And as he told me the stories of the calls he’s been getting you could see him grasp new possibilities…

He’s now got a fool-proof place to put prospects, clients and referral partners, and ALWAYS be in front of them with value.

He’s FINALLY got a way to scale his business development.

It’s huge…business altering…maybe life altering for the CEO/owner.

Simple change, big result.

Another client just wrapped up his best quarter ever (he’s been in business over 20-years).

He’s got a proven (by-the-numbers) system for finding and converting new prospects and it’s delivering 5-figure initial deals with long-term clients—his IDEAL clients.

His outlook and demeanor, now transformed from when we began our work together.

I’m fired up and ready to create some more Unstoppable CEOs!





photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Stuart Rankin

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