6 Secrets to 10x Referrals: Lesson 4

Why You’re Not Easy to Refer and What to do About It

Most of us understand that we must do something referrable and we must be trustworthy if referrals are to flow.

That puts the focus on your level of service, yet your clients, who want to refer you, see your performance as simply the entry fee to the dance. The minimum requirement.

To unlock massive referrals you need something else… In this 8-minute lesson you’ll discover:

  • The most overlooked piece of the referral puzzle.
  • What it means to be easy to refer…and it’s not what you think.
  • Why you’re making your clients and referral partners work way to hard to send you business.
  • How to grow your referrals by 10x.

Listen to Lesson 4 below: