6 Secrets to 10x Referrals: Lesson 1

The Real Reason You’re Not Getting All The Referrals You Should

The conventional wisdom on referrals says you need to do two things:

  1. Ask a lot more often, and…
  2. Follow-up with every referral for a long, long time.

The model works, if you use it, but most don’t. The truth is, if you’re anything like the thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve been to one of my seminars or read my book, you’re probably quite uncomfortable asking for referrals.

In this 11 minute lesson you’ll discover:

  • The hidden obstacle to getting more referrals.
  • The little-known “social gauntlet” your clients have to cross before making any referral, and how to eliminate this risk for them.
  • The dangerous game you play with your business when it comes to referrals.

Listen to Lesson #1 below.