6 Secrets to 10x Referrals: Bonus 1

So far in this course you’ve discovered that the key to unlocking loads more referrals is to remove the sales pressure by removing the sales meeting. Easy to say…but how do you actually do it? The secret is in what I call a Referral Kit™. In this 43-minute interview you’ll discover:

  • What a Referral Kit™ is and how to use it.
  • The four key things you must include in your Referral Kit™ for maximum effectiveness.
  • A simple technique for unlocking the hidden value in your current network–you’ve likely got tens of thousands of dollars of new business hidden within your Rolodex.
  • My simple, daily secret for ensuring success.

Listen to this special bonus interview hosted by Joshua Millage of Infusioncast.

Many thanks to Joshua for hosting this interview and for allowing us to make it available here for you. You can find more great interviews at infusioncast.co.