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It's no surprise most professionals are frustrated

See, the mistake most make is that they don't do the thinking they need to do upfront to effectively attract great clients.

They go out and network. They donate and sponsor local groups. They may even resort to cold calling or "dropping-in" on prospects. They expend a ton of energy and get little results in return.

I've found that the fastest way to improve your results is to get clarity...

Clarity about three things:

  1. The IDEAL Client you want to attract...
  2. The message you'll put in front of that IDEAL Client to attract them to you...
  3. The system you'll use to build trust, educate, and convert a prospect into a client...

Without clarity on these three things, you end up running around DOING lots of things, without any real focus (and often without any real results).

In this 9-part email course, I'll help you get clarity around each of the three essential areas.

And, each day, I'll send you a new lesson to help you get clear in one area. At the end of each lesson, there's a worksheet that you'll fill-in online. As you do each worksheet, you're building your plan to attract the clients you really deserve.

I've designed the course to be an "at your own pace" course. When you complete and submit a worksheet, you'll get a copy, I'll get a copy, and you'll immediately get access to the next lesson.

I read every worksheet, so don't be surprised if you get a personal response from me.

Here's what's coming your way...

Lesson 1 | The three key steps to getting clients

Lesson 2 | The secret to faster results

Lesson 3 | Calculate the exact number of leads you need to reach your revenue goal

Lesson 4 | How to get leads easily (Part I)

Lesson 5 | How to get leads easily (Part II) - Using Leverage

Lesson 6 | Double your referrals this week, without having to ask

Lesson 7 | The secret to jumping off the revenue roller coaster

Lesson 8 | Getting prospects to agree to a meeting, a simple “no-gimmick” formula

Lesson 9 | How to close clients at higher fees, without “selling”

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