Flattery will get you everywhere

Part four of our continuing conversation on the simple system for getting clients in a moment, but first…

My friend, Dr. Srikumar Rao wrote a fantastic article about “Unstoppable Referrals” on Inc.com. The book’s had lots of attention, but being on Inc is a personal milestone for me.

Click here, to read it now…I’ll wait…

Thanks, Srikumar!

Now…gettin’ clients:

I know yesterday’s message scared a lot of you. I dropped the F-bomb, and it was shocking!

(No, not that F-bomb…)


Nobody likes follow-up. Heck, I don’t even like it.

It comes with a little four letter word…”work.”

But EVERYBODY likes the results of follow-up—easy selling, plenty of clients, money, security and a good night’s sleep.

So for the last five years, I’ve been working in the laboratory, as Edison, honing, refining and testing ways to make follow-up doable, sustainable, even easy for ‘normal’ business owners.

Look, a follow-up strategy that works like crazy but you can’t sustain, is worse than no strategy at all, because it’s just demoralizing.

So, here are my four principles for creating follow-up you’ll actually do.

#1. Start with what you’ll sustain. Monthly is minimum, but start there if you must.

#2. Use EASY to create media. Audio is the easiest. I’ve never yet met anyone that suffers from talker’s block. All you need is your smart phone’s voice memo app and an email service. Writing is the killer of most follow-up by month two.

#3. Focus on consumption. Volume is inversely proportional to frequency. So, sending once a month? You can give them more to consume, without overwhelming. Daily…keep it tight.

#4. Delegate the distribution. Delegation = repetition + details and most business owners don’t do repetition or details. So give it to someone who’ll excel at it. If it wasn’t for the lovely and talented Lauren, you’d probably never see these articles.




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