How to find the answer to any client getting problem

I get asked to solve the “getting clients” problem for business people every day and I’ve found that the “answer” is almost always the same…

Most are looking in the wrong place.

Reminds me of what I used to tell my managers anytime they came to me with a problem.

“Start looking for the source of the problem in concentrically larger circles centered around YOUR DESK.”

For the geometrically shy, that means, start with YOU.

Work your way out from there. You usually don’t have to go far (I know I don’t).

Now, back to getting clients…

Most of the time the biggest obstacle isn’t “how to get clients.”

For the most part, that’s a formula: Who are they…what do they desperately want…then give it to them.

The real hurdle is in the mind.

Maybe you *think* there’s a lot of competition…

Or, too few prospects…

Or, you don’t have enough __________ (experience, money, proof, bandwidth…fill in the blank).

Or, or, or.

Well, B.S.

There’s no shortage of opportunity, EVER.

Even in recession, it’s there, it just moves.

There’s no shortage of money, EVER.

Money is a measure of value, not a “thing”…we never run out of inches or feet or, what is it everyone else calls them…meters?

(Oh, and if you want proof, go visit the U.S. Mint, they print more money every day of the week. Lots of it.)

Get the mind right, and the clients follow.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Jean-Remy Duboc

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