Eliminate the need to “prospect”

If you’re in business where there’s a focus on prospecting, you’ve probably seen math like this…

120 calls = 15 answers = 7 appointments = 1 client

The numbers may change, but the logic is the same.

Make enough initial contact attempts and sooner or later someone’s bound to buy.

But it’s bad math…

‘Cause 120 calls takes time. And sooner or later, there’s no more time for calls.

And no more clients.

You hit a ceiling.

You can’t brute force your way through it.

You have to change your thinking.

You’ve got to figure out how to open 1,000 or 10,000 relationships with less effort than you spent making those 120 calls.

There’s still math involved, but it’s better math. It’s systems math…the system expends the effort, not you.

The first step to getting your own systems-based math is to take everything a prospect needs to know to say “yes” and build it into your Referral Kit™.

You can get the blueprint here for less than a latte and a scone.

Build it, and soon you won’t need to “prospect.”




photo courtesy of: simpleinsomnia

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