Easily attract prospects with a “big idea,” even if…

…you’re not creative.

The natural tendency in business is to throw the kitchen sink at ‘em…

Give ‘em all you’ve got, in hopes something will hit the mark.

Seems perfectly logical.

Yet, seldom works.

You confuse the market. They don’t know what you stand for or why you’re different (‘Cause everyone else in the market is confusing them too!).

TOMORROW, Jason Leister is joining me for a our last training event of June and he’s going to show you how to focus your message AND become “incomparable.”

(I love that word…what business doesn’t want to be “incomparable”…that’s the whole goal, isn’t it?)

Jason’s a master at digging around a business and finding the unifying “big idea” that grabs prospects by the collar and compels them to pay attention.

I’ve paid for Jason’s advice, when I needed a “big idea” of my own. Tomorrow, you’ll get him free for an hour.

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Join us at 1pm EDT (10am Pacific / 6pm London) for this one-time only free training.

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P.S. A lot of people say “one-time only” and “special training”, yet it’s available twice next week and three times the week after. I don’t play that game. Jason doesn’t normally do webinars like this, so you won’t find it elsewhere.

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P.P.S. Also, nothing for sale on this webinar (you can’t buy anything even if you wanted to). He’s doing this as a personal favor, so, register now, even if you can’t make it live…we’ll send you the recording.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Bert Kaufmann

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