Deming was right!

W. Edwards Deming–the American who is credited with rebuilding Japanese industry after World War II–famously said “If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”
I’ll bet you have a process for paying the bills…bill comes in, it’s entered into a computer, it’s reviewed, approved and paid.

You’ve likely got a process for starting a new project…

…for hiring an employee

…for ordering office supplies

…for processing payroll

But can you describe your process for getting clients, or, does it just sort of “happen”?

The problem you have when new clients “happen” to find you is that you don’t know what you did to make it “happen” and you don’t know how to make it “happen” again!

Deming understood two important things…

#1 You must begin by describing what you’re doing as a process.

#2 Once you’ve described your process, it’s easy to make small, incremental changes to improve results…

But until you have that process, you’re just groping in the dark.

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