Craziest referral stat I ever heard

I was talking today with a colleague that works with stock brokers. He said, “I loved your webinar last week, it’s funny…

The industry association for financial advisors (Not a financial advisor? Hang on, it’s relevant.) does this survey every few years. They ask clients of advisors “Are you willing to refer?”

90% respond “YES!”…

Then they ask, “Have you referred in the last year?”

90% say “NO”

So a third question…

“Why haven’t you referred your advisor, if you say you’re willing?”

The answer…

“No one asked.”

I’ve done my own research and I know why those advisors aren’t asking. It’s the same reason you’re not asking. And it’s OK.

You’re not alone. The problem isn’t some lack of strength and willpower, it’s a fundamental flaw in the “traditional” referral model.

If you’d like an easier approach—one that doesn’t require asking for the referral at all—join me for a free training session.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Abhi

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