Please Tell Us About Your Next Amazing Podcast Guest

Please allow a minimum of 7 days between when you tell us about your interview and when the interview takes place. This gives us enough time to ship your WOW Kit to the guest (if they’re in the U.S. or Canada) so that they receive it before your interview.

This is critical to creating a great first impression and launching a produtive new relationship with your guest.

For guests located outside the U.S. and Canada, we’ll email them a PDF of the printed materials from your WOW Kit.

Important Note: If you’ve been a client for a while, you’re probably used to scheduling a time on the interview line. We recently upgraded the interview recording system so that every client has a dedicated line. 

That means, you no longer need to schedule a time. You have access to your recording line 24x7x365–it’s all yours. You do still need to tell us about each new interview using the form above (very…very…important 😉).