The care and feeding of your future clients

Some call it your “herd”…

Others your “tribe”…

Still others, your “audience”…

But I prefer to call them what they are…the people who will be your FUTURE CLIENTS.

They need care.

More to the point, your relationship with them needs care.

You must feed it.

No other way for it to grow, and for you to prosper.

Four principles to follow when caring for your future clients:

1. Frequency – Be in touch often. We have relationship with those who show up frequently in our lives.
2. Persistency – Be there a lot…and for the long-haul.
3. Leadership – They want it. They’re going to get it from someone…might as well be YOU!
4. Connection – The degree to which they identify with and become connected to you and your company, and what you stand for, influences how long they’ll stay and how many will become “present clients”.

What are you doing today to feed your future clients?




photo courtesy of: Library and Archives Canada

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