Building a business that grows itself

Is it possible?
A business that grows itself?

I’ve been asking that question a lot lately.

A lot of the business owners I work with want to grow, need to grow, but would rather do what they’re trained to do, instead of marketing and selling.

Now, you certainly can build a business that grows itself…go hire a sales force and send them out to prospect.

Congratulations! You’ve just been appointed sales manager, motivational speaker and chief babysitter.

Sounds like fun!


Might there be a different way?

A way of growing based on system, not simply people.

A way of dealing with all three areas of client attraction…all based on systems-strength, not individual talent.

I invite you to hold that thought in your mind for a day.

What would your business be like, if it grew itself?

Tomorrow, I’ll share the three areas where systems-strength can be leveraged so your business grows itself.

And, not to worry…this isn’t a lead up to some grand launch (though maybe it should be ;-).

These are new ideas…a new way of thinking and designing the way a business grows. You’re seeing them as they develop.

So…if you could have a business that grows itself, would you want one? What would it mean to you?

Hit reply, I’d really like to know.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Ray Dumas

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