You’ll never have a self-growing business without this

  You may believe that the key to growth is more leads, but that’s only half the battle.

If all you do is get leads, get leads, get leads, you’ll guarantee yourself a life of NEED…

Need for ever increasing numbers of leads to get growth.

Need for ever increasing investment to get those leads.

When all you have is lead generation, your leads flow like a river…catch what you can in your bucket and the rest pass you by.

But add a place to catch and keep all the leads that pass by…to *accumulate* your leads and many will ripen over time.

Now, I’m sure I’ve just blown your mind ;-) …

Sure you KNOW that accumulating your future clients in your platform that communicates with them regularly is valuable, but…

…are you doing it?

If not, why not?





photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Dan Derrett

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301