Why you *might* not be getting all the clients you want

  Funny…everyone thinks their business is unique and different.

Don’t know if I’m bursting your bubble or if it’s nice to be one amongst a friendly crowd, but either way…

One, almost universal, theme in businesses that aren’t growing as fast as the owner would like is a focus on marketing…

…there isn’t any.

Michael Masterson wrote in one of his Early To Rise essays, that an entrepreneur should spend 80% of his or her time on creating demand…


80%. So, let’s all assume that you work a 40-hour week.

That means 4-days on marketing.

1-day on everything else.

I can hear you screaming at your inbox right now…"80% are you NUTS! I can’t find an hour a week!!!”

I get it. I’ve been there.

When I bootstrapped this business five years ago, I was there. We had a really cool org chart with my name in every spot.

But after about a year, I made a decision to listen to that advice.

First, it was one morning a week. Then a day. Then 3.

And all that extra energy and effort created something…growth.

With a bit of focused effort and a simple, yet solid, system for marketing, in a few short years I’ve built a business that grows itself.

Does that mean no effort—of course not. It does mean small, focused and leveraged effort. Small input ==> BIG output.

One way to get there…listen to Kevin Thompson’s wisdom in this interview I did with him…




photo courtesy of: Kalyan Chakravarthy


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