Why “Internet marketing” falls flat when trying to land corporations

  When you look around for marketing advice these days, most of it is focused on “Internet marketing”…

…it’s designed to identify hidden prospects that are lurking in the shadows.

But selling to corporations is usually different.

Mostly you’re dealing with very *visible* prospects. You can identify them easily…you can find out who holds the key decision making positions…

…you have an enormous advantage.

Unfortunately, the tactics you’re told to use in the Internet marketing world are largely a waste of time, when you already know who the prospects are.

You don’t *need* SEO…you don’t *need* Google Ads…

You don’t have to wait for your prospect to show their face.

You can simply go get in front of them (in a leveraged way of course).

Offer value, in exchange for attention.

Without needing to wait and hope that the Senior VP will type the exact search that will bring them to you.

Sure it’s great if they do…but I’m just not that patient.

Send ‘em a letter, orchestrate a referral…do something…go get them!

Eighteen experts are lined up to show you how to do it (me included)…for free…it all happens next week.

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photo courtesy of: Simon & His Camera

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