Who made you king?

I get harassed about the Game of Thrones on a regular basis by my beautiful wife. She's read all five books and eagerly awaiting the sixth.

I can't get through the first chapter of book one.

But I've heard her talking enough to know that there are lots of kings taking and being taken from thrones...

But I wonder...

Who grants the throne taker the power to remove the throne from the current occupant?

The answer...


They just do it.

Usually in a bloody way.

Not suggesting you suddenly go all medieval, but there's an important business lesson...

You're either waiting to be anointed an expert/leader/authority in your market.


You simply decide to BE an expert/leader/authority.

The world doesn't care which way you go. It's all up to you.

When you do become king in your part of the business world (large or small)...

- It's easier to get premium fees.

- Clients come to you, "hoping" you can help them.

- You create options (it's good to have options!).

Authority/leadership is a powerful growth lever that you should be using.

If you're a subscriber to my premium intelligence service, you already have a step-by-step blueprint for walling off a profitable kingdom and assuming the throne.

It's called the Growth Levers Special Report. If you're not a subscriber we can fix that here.


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